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Welcome on LTDT v4

We are proud to finally unveil you the brand new version of Le Temps Détruit Tout : bilingual*, responsive. We fixed many links, and we hope we'll offer you content as good as Gaspar Noé's career.

*Because of lack of time and budget, most interviews were translated automatically unfortunately.

You'll find a filmography more complete than any other movie database, without forgetting the movies to which he more or less contributed.

For instance, did you know that the Butcher's gun from I Stand Alone appeared in Amélie? Some of his cameos and other trivias are in the Otherutres participations page.

You'll discover some new features: graphically speaking, a siplified logo and our own typography named Sangria, inspired by Gaspar Noé's writing and Vortex's teaser poster. It'll be used on titles. And the selected text color will match our colors.

An Archives page is the place to be for students, with some short description of old articles we have in our archives (french only). Feel free to get in touch with us for your research project!

Speaking of archives, you'll see that we added every news from the V2 in 2011.

Finally, we're hoping you'll like the new version which we now let you discover. Please contact us if you spot any bug, we'll fix them ASAP!



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