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Launched in 2003, Le Temps Détruit Tout's purpose is to focus on Gaspar Noé's works. If you are working on anything about him, we'll gladly answer your questions but keep in mind we're not an official website and won't help you to get in touch with Gaspar Noé.

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20,000 et 25,000

It's the average yearly number of unique visitors, and going up to 40,000 when a new film is announced.


The year LTDT was created by Steph & Fred. By discovering Irréversible and I Stand Alone later, they had no other choice than to dedicate him a website. They gave away the website to the current admin, Alex, in 2020.


Persons worked alongside with Gaspar Noé. We got this number by crossing his films credits, database such as IMDB and many interviews.


News published the last 10 years, by focusing as much on his writings and photographies as his feature films.


Is the number of countries from which LTDT got browsed since January 1st, 2021. Note that it might be a false number regarding the use of VPNs.


 Is the number of exclusive interviews exclusives we made to this day.


 It's the number of Gaspar Noé directed movies we listed. Compared to other websites — Mubi (33 movies + some dublicates and the trailer for The End he edited), IMDB (31 + a duplicate), Allociné (aka French movie database : 20 + a movie that never happened) — we are the website with the most complete Gaspar Noé filmography.


Is the number of versions of LTDT : 2003-2011 (Vialeweb), 2011-2015 (OverBlog), 2015-2021 (Wix), 2021 (Editor X, for a way more responsive website)



 typeface : Sangria. Historically, each LTDT update was made around a new Gaspar Noé release, with a "V3.2" improving the overall design for the french release of Climax. We'll use this exclusive typeface for titles. It's inspired by both Gaspar handwritings (without being a copy) and the teaser poster for Vortex. It includes alternative glyphs and ligatures, allowing to include his title treatments.

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