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Vortex selected in Locarno

Originally published on July, 1st, 2021.

After being selected in Cannes film festival, Vortex has been announced to premiere in Locarno Film Festival under the Piazza Grande label.

With a running time of 142 minutes, it's his 2nd longest feature film after Enter the Void.

It stars Françoise Lebrun (as the mother), Dario Argento (as the father) and Alex Lutz (as the son).

Benoit Debie (DoP : Irreversible, Enter the Void, Love, Climax, Lux Æterna), Ken Yasumoto (sound mixer : Enter the Void, Ritual, Love, Climax, Lux Æterna), Denis Bedlow (editor : Enter the Void, Love, Climax, The Art of Filmmaking), Jean Rabasse (set designer : Climax) are part of the crew.

Xenix Filmdistribution will distribute the movie in Switzerland.

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