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Tarsem Singh's Snow White : "Edgy for Gaspar Noe?"

7 mai 2011

Read on Spinoff Online :

"Tarsem Singh directing his own take on Snow White is certainly a compelling thought. [...] The film doesn’t have a title yet, though Tarsem told Spinoff Online at WonderCon that it’s not his intention to deliver an “edgy” take on the classic fairy tale. “Edgy for who? Edgy for Disney? Edgy for Gaspar Noe? Edgy for me? Edgy for who?” he said. “[My Snow White] will not be hardcore. I want to embrace the family in that.” Not too family-friendly though; we also spoke with Collins at WC, who said that Snow isn’t some helpless damsel-in-distress."

You like famous quotes ? Us too ! Another recent one ?

“Enter the Void” was great, that’s a masterpiece. What’s wrong with that? It was in one theater but it’s terrific." (Lloyd Kaufman for Cinespect)



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