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Stacy Martin (Nymphomaniac) shot by Gaspar Noé

10 mai 2014

Stacy Martin by Gaspar Noé for V MAN (Spring/Summer 2014)

"Saw an early screening of both Nymphomaniac films, and immediately wanted to feature Stacy Martin. V photo editor Spencer Taylor and I had been in talks with Gaspar Noe about shooting for the magazine, and felt this might be the perfect collaboration. Brought on writer Jordan Silver, gave him the angle, and helped him craft his piece. Worked with Art Director Cian Browne to create a layout with Gaspar." (Elliott W. David)

"For her film debut, actress Stacy Martin stars in Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, a meditation on the balance between pleasure and pain, math and mythology, fact and faith, society and selfhood. Here, she’s photographed by another iconic avant-garde filmmaker, Gaspar Noé." (V MAN)

Stacy Martin client: V Man

Editorial Credits: Gaspar Noe - Photographer Omaima Salem - Fashion Editor/Stylist Olivier de Vriendt - Hair Stylist Christine Corbel - Makeup Artist Stacy Martin - Model



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