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Some news on Carne and I Stand Alone remasters

Announced by Gaspar Noé himself during a screening of Irréversible : Straight Cut in 2019, he planned to remaster Carne and I Stand Alone.

Since then, we barely heard from it again except that it could be a 4K remaster according to Gaspar Noé as he told us back in 2020

I've written a tribute letter [FR] to my friend [Philippe Nahon] when he died, which was published in Libération... Since then, his ashes were thrown in sea and it makes me want to swim there. The next tribute will be when the 2K/4K digital master of the two movies we made together will be done and that the movie could finally be re-released in theaters and on Blu-Ray.

Today, we learnt from Cyril Despontin that CNC [French National Centre for Cinema] will support the remaster of Carne (€15,000) and I Stand Alone (€35,000)

Thanks Cyril!



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