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LTDT v4 - Soon

Originally published on September 30th

After months of work (mostly bugs) we are ready to unveil very soon the 4th version of LTDT : responsive, completely bilingual and more focalised on archives.

The LTDT Archives will be a whole new category with a work-in-progress list of articles, interviews, about Gaspar Noé's work and which we were able to read. For copyrights reasons, we won't be able to publish our scans but the idea is to give students some tools to help them in their researches and to get in touch with us if necessary. Even though we still won't help you to get in touch with him.

These archives also include some PDF files and videos we made (such as our video on Irreversible masters which was a first try), focused on his most uknown works. About that, we're planning to unveil his most complete filmography ever, longer than any other movie database you can think of.

Meanwhile, check this tribute video we made (warning : strobe effects)


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