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LOVE : Will it be released in UK theaters?

11 août 2015

A few months ago, we learnt from Wild Bunch (co-producers) that LOVE has been sold to at least 36 territories. For instance, the movie is supposed to be screened in Poland from next August, 28th, where it'll be distributed by Gutek (source).

While many countries already have their released date announced (Brazilians have to wait until the first week of September, according to IMDb), we still don't have any news from its UK-released date. We know that it'll be distributed by Curzon-Artificial Eyes, but that was the only thing we knew so far.

However, just announced its released date in Blu-Ray and DVDs : November, 23rd, 2015... It seems to mean that LOVE will have a straight-to-video release there.

On Amazon, we don't have many more info : Classified Under 18 (which isn't surprising since UK is ruder when it comes to nudity in movies - even Leos Carax's Holy Motors is Classified Under 18), and the Blu-Ray disc will come with only one disc - does it mean that it won't have any extra disc ?



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