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Irreversible at the Cinematheque + ETV barcode + DVNO

10 avril 2011

  • Irreversible will be screened April, 24th (21h30) at the Cinémathéque of Paris, as part of the exhibition on Stanley Kubrick (section "Autour de Kubrick"). You can find all the details of the screening here. Gaspar Noé will not be present. (thanks to Guillaume B.)

  • Enter the Void by Movie Barcode. "This tumblr takes every frame of a film, stretches it out and presents a single image" (via The Film Stage) :

About Kanye West's plagiarism of Enter the Void's opening credits : "The use of words appearing in different fonts and flashing along to the rhythm of music is hardly an original idea in itself. It would be wrong to credit the idea of that to Noé. It is derivative of fellow French music video director and graphic animator Bertrand Lagros de Langeron aka So Me. In partnership with Machine Molle, Lagros oversaw the creation of the “Justice” music video for ‘DVNO’ in 2008 which saw the lyrics of the song appear in various animated guises. Furthermore So Me have done numerous other pieces in a similar style for other artists. Not least for Kanye West’s ‘Good Life’ in 2007 which dates it to three years before the release of Noé’s Enter The Void." (source : A&E Playground)

Official Music Video of Justice: "DVNO", from the album "Justice" / "Cross".

Directed by Machine Molle & So Me.

Music video by Kanye West performing Good Life. (C) 2007 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC



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