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Gaspar Noé's notes about "Ritual"

27 mai 2012

"Che, the most admired of all my fellow countryman… Fidel, the only man who succeeded in confounding the CIA’s plans for over 50 years… SOY CUBA, the film whose camerawork inspired me so deeply… But let’s be honest, if I made this film, it’s because a friend of mine who has spent some time in Cuba told me that that’s where he had seen the highest percentage of the most gorgeous girls and best dancers in the world. I hate tourism; I had to wait for years for a credible excuse to take a flight to the mythical island. Having missed the screening of IRREVERSIBLE at the Havana Film Festival in 2002, I had to wait until the end of 2009 and the selection of ENTER THE VOID to go. At the same time, some of the producers had already approached me with 7 DAYS IN HAVANA in mind. As a result, after partying for 3 days I agreed to it. But I also realised that today’s social reality was more complex than the Castroist utopia whose virtues my father praised, and that the Cuban imagination was more closely linked to African magic than I’d thought. A year and a half later, I returned to Cuba to shoot in a semi-improvised manner, with an ultra-reduced crew, a short film with a dance scene and a ‘cleansing’ ritual." (Gaspar Noé)

(source : presskit)



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