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Gaspar Noé in upcoming Guillaume Nicloux movie (+ trailer for Schirkoa)

French poster for "Dans la peau de Blanche Houellebecq"

We've learnt the news a few months ago and it's now official: Gaspar Noé will make a short appearance in next Guillaume Nicloux's film, Dans la peau de Blanche Houellebecq. Credited in the poster's billing block, the phrase "with the participation of Gaspar Noé" could presumably means he has a more important role than a simple cameo. Françoise Lebrun, seen in Vortex, also makes an appearance.

Gaspar Noé and Guillaume Nicloux has already worked together earlier: the las appeared in I Stand Alone and the trailer for The End was edited by Gaspar Noé.

Guillaume Nicloux (left) and Philippe Nahon (right) in I Stand Alone

On a side note, the trailer for Schirkoa: In Lies we Trust, the animated feature in which Gaspar Noé plays a small part, has been unveiled.


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