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Gaspar Noé celebrates the 20 years of Technikart magazine

7 octobre 2011

This month, Gaspar Noé celebrates the 20 years of Technikart, a French trends magazine, analysing the changes of the world during this period :

"Since its creation in October 1991,"Technikart" has gone through two decades, analyzing changes in the world and several generations. On the occasion of its 20th birthday, it plunges back in time through a multitude of articles and major witnesses invited for the occasion. Twenty-year trends, advances and revolutions told through the covers of Technikart. Frederic Beigbeder (1991-96), Thierry Ardisson (1996-2001), Gaspar Noé (2001-2006) and Justice (2006-11) coming back, each in turn over, on a key period of their life during interviews sharp like blades. How art, literature, cinema, music, media, TV series, video games have evolved? Our best sleuths analyze all the upheavals of this double decade. Anyone who has made ​​the cover of Technikart testify on this very special experience. From "precarious and connected" to "A weekend at the Fistinière" through cult interviews (Denis Hopper, Vincent Gallo, Gilbert & George, etc..) "Technikart" Team immersed himself in archives for a "super best-of" journalism bold, committed, funny and screwed up." (Source)



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