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Fernando Solanas : "Tres en la Deriva del Acto Creativo" (shot by Gaspar Noé) at Cannes 2022

Cannes Film Festival 2022 announced its Cannes Classics selection among which some documentaries on cinema.

Besides La Maman et la Putain starring Françoise Lebrun (Vortex), Fernando Solanas' posthumous film Three in the Drift of the Creative Act will be screened at Cannes.

The documentary shows the relationship between artists Eduardo Pavlovsky, Fernando Solanas and Luis Felipe Noé - Gaspar's father whose paintings are part of his son's set designs.

Gaspar Noé, appearing on screen and camera operator, has long considered Fernando Solanas as his film mentor since he began his career as an assistant director on Tangos, L'Exil de Gardel

Here are a few words from Gaspar Noé on the film: « It is a pleasure that is both enormous and very melancholy to finally be able to see in public this last work by Pino, an intimate work that he did with such joy and assiduity for several years. Almost spontaneous fruit of his love for his family, for his friends, for their respective arts, for the country where they were born and for life itself, however chaotic it may be. Of the three protagonist magicians, today we are missing Pino and Tato but, thanks to this fabulous filmic document, their creative and contagious forces speak to us as if they were still as alive as we are » (Source)

The film will be introduced by Victoria and Juan Solanas, and Gaspar Noé.


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