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Dario Argento awarded in Locarno

Originally published on August, 15th 2021.

Dario Argento has been surprisingly awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at Locarno, the award also being given for his performance in Vortex, which was screened in Locarno on August 8th.

The award was given by John Landis.

Note that Gaspar Noé wished his film was in competition in Cannes because of his actors' performances, but unfortunately ended his film too late.

No releases date has been announced yet and the film is currently screening in New Horizons film festival (Poland). Next steps : Czech Republic (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival), United States (New York Film Festival).

VORTEX will also be released in the following countries :

France - Wild Bunch Distribution

Belgium - Paradiso Film Entertainment

United Kingdom + Ireland - Picturehouse

Norway - AnotherWorld Entertainment

Switzerland - Xenix Filmdistribution


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