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Cinéma Solidaire : try to win some of our posters

The following post is about the current strike going on in France.

Le Temps Détruit Tout is an unofficial website dedicated to filmmaker Gaspar Noé and our independence allows us today to present a symbolic and solidary action which, we hope, will inspire distributors, the specialized press or in a general way other people working in the cinematographic industry to lead similar actions.

We will not repeat all the criticisms that have already been made to the French Government in recent weeks, both on its reforms and on its practices, but we are no less alarmed to see how individual rights are being violated. The film industry, like many other fields, is made up of people with precarious or fragile statuses (intermittence, freelances) whom we will always encourage to defend their rights.

Today, we propose you to try to get posters of Gaspar Noé's films while contributing to the strike fund. For every donation of a minimum value of €5 on this fund, you will have a chance to win one of the following prizes*:

  • 1: French press kit of Climax (with teaser poster on the back);

  • 2: French poster (120x160cm) of Irreversible: Straight Cut

  • 3: Climax poster and coaster from the Taiwanese promotion

*Delivery in Metropolitan France only!

However, we would like to point out that neither Gaspar Noé nor his distributors have been informed of this initiative beforehand. We are launching this initiative in our own name and take full responsibility for it.

The donations collected here will be directly transferred to the national solidarity funds and Le Temps Détruit Tout has no way of collecting or diverting your donations, only your contact information will be transmitted to us in order to contact you if you are drawn. Please make sure to enter a valid email address!

Of course, Le Temps Détruits Tout has never had a vocation to be political but it is because the circumstances are exceptional that we have decided to act at our level.

You can try to make a donation until April 17th... After that date, we will try to keep it open if other similar actions can interest distributors.



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