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Gaspar Noé vocalist on Nico covers album by Throbbing Gristle

18 mars 2012

"Industrial music group Throbbing Gristle went into the studio to record a reinterpretation of Desertshore for a 2008 release. The studio session was made open to the public and the entirety of the 3-day, 12-hour-long session was recorded, given a limited press, and released as The Desertshore Installation. The plan had been to edit these three days of recordings and craft the finished album from that material, but the group were not satisfied with the sessions and decided to re-record the album. Peter Christopherson continued working on the album in Bangkok with Danny Hyde until his passing in November 2011. Hyde passed the work they had done to remaining Throbbing Gristle members Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti to complete, which they have been doing with the help of several as-yet-unannounced guest vocalists. They have announced plans to debut the album live at AV Festival on March 17th 2012 accompanied by a screening of Philippe Garrel’s The Inner Scar "for which Desertshore was soundtrack and inspiration" (source)

"As had originally been intended by Christopherson, TG's Desertshore will feature a number of guest vocalists. Three of these were announced by being played at the AV Festival event: Einsturzende Neubauten's Blixa Bargeld features on 'Abschied', film director Gaspar Noé's voice was subsumed into the hard electronics that make up 'Le Petit Chevalier', while Antony Hegarty has delivered a stunning 'Janitor Of Lunacy' that's among the best vocal performances we've ever heard from him. Cosey Fanni Tutti herself sang TG's version of 'My Only Child'. The performance ended with a non-Nico piece in tribute to Christopherson, with the voices of many of those who knew and were close to him speaking the line "meet me on the desertshore". (source)



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