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Vince Galliot—Cumant, 7 during the shooting, is Tito, the son of Emmanuelle (played by Claude-Emmanuelle Gajan-Maull) dans Climax. Vince is represented by Gwenaëlle Baïd Agency, who also represents Alou Sidibé (Alou in Climax), Sarah Belala (Sara) and Giselle Palmer (Gazelle). Him and his mother Delphine agreed to answer our questions. The interview was made by e-mail.

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Gaspar Vince1.JPG

(To Delphine).

Did you know Gaspar Noé’s work ?

I knew Irréversible.

Did you hesitate because of his reputation and the subject of the movie  ?

Not for a second.
Gaspar and the crew were so kind towards Vince that there was no reason to hesitate. It remains a movie and creativity.
Vince didn’t hesitate, didn’t question himself. He was just happy to be involved in this project.

Were you on the shooting ? Do you have some pictures of the shooting ?

Yes, I was on the shooting.
No pictures were shot in order to respect Gaspar’s work.

Apparently, nobody had a script during the shooting. Didn’t you fear to lose control over the story and that Vince end up being manipulated [ed. : we should have precised "Without knowing Gaspar..."] ?

This question is senseless because when we know Gaspar, he’s not a manipulator in any way. He’s generous and in tune with the people he’s working with.
About Vince, he was extremely kind with him, with us too, and for that matter, with everyone.
With Gaspar, from the first day, a climate of confidence took hold naturally so I wasn’t worried about anything.
If you had seen Vince on the shooting, he was like a fish in the water.
He was everyone’s little prince. He couldn’t wait to see again Gaspar and everyone involved in this project.
Vince was attentive and interested by everything. And everyone, despite the work they had to do, took time for him. Whether it was Claire [Corbetta Doll] Gaspar’s assistant, Serge [Catoire, line producer], the boom operator [Jonathan Acbard] or the production crew, well everyone was sweet with Vince.
I have to say that Vince at the current time, still messages each one of them because this movie is before all a beautiful human adventure and everyone keeps in touch with him.
As a mother, I’m extremely glad because Vince being young, he wouldn’t understand that everything stops suddenly.

How did you hear about the casting ?

With a casting website.

How the project was introduced to you ?

Simply as a project by Gaspar, with everything involved by his artistic universe.

This film was before all a beautiful human adventure. We were on the same boat and we were carried by Gaspar.
Vince was enormously lucky to participate to this movie from which he went out fulfilled and happy.
A sheet wouldn’t be enough to thank Gaspar, because one thing is certain, is that Vince could never forget this adventure, Claire who is a lovely woman and who was always there for Vince and us too, Serge who is a man of his word and always made everything possible so that Vince feels fulfilled, Ken [Yasumoto] who helped Vince acting while having fun, every actors who were all kind towards Vince.
Finally, there isn’t anybody that I can moan about, they were such wonderful to my son.
I would never thank them all enough, especially Gaspar.


(To Vince)

On some videos made in Cannes, we can see you dance. How long have you been practicing dance and why did you want to dance?

I’ve been dancing for 5 years and a half (classical dancing).
I love to make shows.
I express my feelings by dancing.
I didn’t “want to”, all of this came naturally, it’s inside me since I’m little. Each time I hear music, I can’t help dancing.

How did Gaspar Noé explain your character ? How did he explain what you had to do and at which point ?

Gaspar told me I would dance, meet other dancers and that I’d do some scenes with my mommy from the film [Claude-Emmanuelle Gajan-Maull]
For the rest, everything was done naturally by acting.

How long did you stay on the shooting ?

Three days.
Gaspar, even outside my shooting days, had invited me to come whenever I wanted to.

How did you feel, being surrounded by adults and to have a “new mommy” (Claude-Emmanuelle Gajan-Maull) ?

I loved it, all of them were so kind with me. I was like a prince.
When I was introduced to my mommy from the movie during the casting, I immediately get on with her and had fun.
Having Claude-Emmanuelle as a mommy in the movie, it was nice because she was super kind, looked after me very well, and explained me what I had to do in our scenes, it was funny.
I love Claude-Emmanuelle, I’m still in touch with her and I’m happy I had her as a mommy on the movie.

Did you watch the movie? If yes, what do you think of it? If no, do you know what is the movie about?

I didn’t see it entirely because my mommy explained me it was not a movie for children.
Thanks to Gaspar during a screening, I could see the scenes I had shot because he let me in and out from the theater so I could see what I had done.
It was super cool, I loved it. It was weird to see myself but I was so happy.


What are your best memories from the shooting ?

EVERYTHING, I loved everything.
Gaspar made me laugh all the time, it really was like a party for me.
When I’m locked-in, I loved it!
During the choreography when I was dancing with everyone.
The scene with Sou [Souheila Yacoub], when Sofia [Boutella] made me do the choreography, when I danced with Strauss [Serpent], when Nina [McNeely] launched the choreography “one two three”...
I loved when [Corbetta-Doll] said “sound rolling, action”
With Léa [Vlamos] when she taught me to do voguing step, when I was doing dance battles with Romain [Guillermic], Sofia, Léa, Cyborg [credited as ”Alexandre Moreau”] and everyone.
And I loved eating with everyone, the mashed potatoes were so good ! [ed. cheers to Antony Cointre who was in charge of the catering]

Would you like to shot in another movie ?

Oh yeeeees ! I’d love to play in another flick with Gaspar !
Doing commercials or being in a music video.
My dream would be to be part of a music video from Louane and Kiddy [Smile, aka DJ Daddy in the movie].

We warmly thank Delphine and Vince for their availability.

Vince in the arms of Souheila Yacoub

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Vince on the shoulders of Gaspar Noé during the film premiere

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