18 min.


After a volcano, a small village from where no one can escape. The plague spreads, and among the survivors, the famine rules. For a piece of bread, Charlotte sleeps with the grocer. Night falls. The cliffs, someone is watching..




Cécile Ricard, Antoine Mosin, André Dupon, Luis Felipe Noé, Olivier Achard, Carlos Kusnir



Fiction - France - 35mm - Scope - Color and Black & white

Written, directed and edited by : GASPAR NOÉ

Cinematography : RENAUD CAYLA
Production : Les Productions Nocturnes


"It was about a woman who, after visiting his lover, must cross the river to get home. Night has fallen and she has no money. As the ferryman refuses her credit, she has to take a bridge on which she is murdered by a psychotic killer played by my father. The action was at the bottom of a volcano and there was a guy who overlooked the model of the scene, a sort of God who was looking to the characters stirring up. This film has been circulating from festival to festival and was broadcasted on television. I think it was one of the first short purchased by CANAL+. It was on air just before "Eraserhead" (David Lynch, 1977) which was a consecration to me. The success of esteem made me continuing. While I was taking courses in philosophy has a free auditor, I started to write screenplays, and a  first draft of "Carne". (Gaspar Noé)

TINTARELLA DI LUNA © 1985 - Les Productions Nocturnes / Gaspar Noé

(Thanks to Gwenaël)




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