2018 [CLIMAX]


02/05/2018 - Gaspar Noé published 2 another pictures on his Instagram: PSYCHE ("completion delayed to next winter" - logo by Tom Kan, with the following comment on an alternative version: "Temporary Title design #psyche #fearisaddictive #gasparnoe #film #movie #title #titledesign #film #openingtitles #graphicdesign") and CLIMAX ("dark events covered up by invisible forces ... exploding on may 13th"). Another Gaspar comment about Climax: "reality is stronger than fiction ... 8 years in the making ... 9 countries ... 23 cases".

01/05/2018 - "Climax is officially completed, 8 years of shooting, 9 countries, 23 guinea pigs, 156 crew members, a rough document without special effects, a life's movie. The France."  (Vincent Maraval, producer, on Twitter). The same day, Gaspar Noé, back on his official Instagram account, published a picture: "Molly in the Darknet" (already used by Vincent Maraval early this year)  with the comment: "Coming soon".

01/05/2018 - LTDT turns 15 ! A better version is launched, mobile-friendly.


30/04/2018 - Climax will be screened at the Director's Fortnight on the 13th and 14th May. We learn its running time : 1h35.

27/04/2018 - On the official website of Wild Bunch, the page dedicated to Climax is updated and shares a first official synopsis : "BIRTH AND DEATH ARE TWO EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES. LIFE IS A FLEETING PLEASURE"

17/04/2018 - Gaspar Noé's CLIMAX (probably the same project then known as "Psyché") is selected in the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes Film Festival. 


29/03/2018 - Gaspar Noé prefaces an exhibition dedicated to Pierre Molinier at Gallerie Gaillard (Paris) :

Everyone during their life hold gods and angels above their head that come with them for a while or for a whole life.

There are relatives we've known, we've loved, monsters we've met, teachers who trained you, but there are also those, freer, whom work enlightened you by a visual, written or musical way.

Among the few angels with whom I'm happy to wake up every morning, there is Pierre Molinier. 


After many years of waiting, after purchasing and consulting every existing books about him, a sacred day, the auction of his daughter's collection took place. Sacrilegious situation because this work as a whole was going to be divided instead of being exhibited in a Pierre Molinier museum in Bordeaux. Shame on Bordeaux's mayor and on the Ministry of Culture! Praise the lucky admirers of the wild magician who could get a hand on his rare works. At the end of the auction, in an irrational act, my finger raised before being stopped by my brain for lack of money.  Floating on cloud nine, I could become the overexcited host of a picture I've always dreamed of.

The angel that was in my mind materialized in my hands. This picture would be adopted for life, a short life. Objects have a life. They're living. I know it. Molinier too. And probably more than I do. That's why he was a fetishist. And in the finest meaning. His pictures have a unique soul. As the stocking, booties, masks, the stool and the screen he was so obsessed by. He was so at ease with his habits and obsessions that they become exceptionnally transmittable and universal. Putting a mask, dressing up, dissociating from every formatted sexual identity, multiplying his legs endlessly, exercising to be able to suck himself, making photomontages to manage to sodomise himself, feeding his kitten greedy of milk with his own sperm, talk about it and show it openly to everyone... More surrealist in his life than every surrealists he could have mixed with and who were afraid of him despite his ultimate affability. His happiness was maybe desperate for some, for others whom I'm part of, he is the expression of an exemplary life force. 

For him, existence or non-existence, identity and society are illusions. Only sexual drive exists and doesn't need to stiffen up with any filter because it is unique and all-mighty.


It's one of the rare examples I know of a man so joyful that he succeeded in making his suicide look like a playful act, by announcing the date as an appointment with himself, with life, death, birth, enjoyment. All-in-one. And then the pictures.

[Gaspar Noé, translated by LTDT]

03/03/2018 - Shooting of Psyché (or the documentary about dance) ends.


26/02/2018 - Vincent Maraval brought more details about Psyché : the previous plot is a mix-up between two projects : a 2-parts documentary about dance and a film in prepartion about darknet. A few minutes after that, he shared on Twitter a short video of a red screen on which is written "Molly in the Darknet"

23/02/2018 - Thanks to the informations we had (including the title, but we decided to keep it  private), we've found other news about the movie on TaxShelter, involved on the funding of the movie : entitled Psyché, the plot says : 

"In the mid 90's, about twenty urban dancers joined together for a 3-day rehearsal in a closed down boarding school located at the heart of a forest, to share one last dance. They then make one last party around a large sangria bowl.

Quickly, the atmosphere becomes charged and a strange madness will seize them the whole night. If it seems obvious to them that they have been drugged, they neither know by who nor why. And it's soon impossible for them to resist to their neurosises and psychoses, numbed by the hypnotic and the increasing electric rythm of the music... While some feel in paradise, most of them plunge into hell."

Could be shot on film, in french language with a budget of €2.6M, might be ready for screening in june. It lasting time could be 90-minutes.


24/01/2018 - Arte France Cinema announces they will co-produce with Rectangle Productions, Wild Bunch and Les Cinémas de la Zone, Gaspar Noé's next feature.

08/01/2018 - Filming of next Gaspar Noé's feature starts, with no one knowking. At the time, the title of the movie is unknown.



31/12/2017 - Vincent Maraval announces on Twitter that Gaspar Noé should start the shooting of his next feature in 2018, without giving any further details.

07/12/2017 - In their press release, Atlas V, a French production company dedicated to VR announces that Gaspar Noé will direct a "VR experiment"


04/10/2017 - For Lui Magazine, Gaspar Noé shot another series named "Prototype".


30/08/2017 - First release of Irreversible on Bly-Ray in Italia. Remastered by Studio Canal and edited by Eagle Pictures, the release is an actual master from the original copy. 


22/07/2017 - Amat Escalante, who directed The Untamed, is interviewed by Gaspar Noé.


03/06/2017 - For the new quarterly edition of Lui, Gaspar Noé shot a series called "Liquid" of 12 explicit pictures of Claire Guena, assisted by Viktor Shekularatz and Rosalie Nguyen.


21/05/2017 - Gaspar Noé shot a few black-and-red pictures for Dust Magazine.


19/04/2017 - Gaspar Noé gave a 13-minutes long interview to Potemkine (a French distributor and editor) for the extra features of A Dirty Story.



07/12/2016 - Gaspar Noé launches his official Instagram account.

01/12/2016 - Gaspar Noé participates in an exhibition at Gagosian Gallery where he shows 4 black-and-red erotic pictures in which there is Luka Isaac.


08/10/2016 to 16/10/2016 - During the Festival Lumière in Lyon (France), a retrospective of Gaspar Noé's movies. He's invited and gives a master class with Vincent Maraval. Without giving any details, we learn that he's already working on his next feature and Vincent Maraval is involved.


​14/03/2016 - Guillaume Nicloux' THE END teaser is available. It was edited by Gaspar Noé.

22/03/2016 - Arte broadcasts Jamais sur vos écrans a short show dedicated to aborted projects. Gaspar Noé talks about the will to make a documentary with all the "cinematic tricks" and that he'd like to do a very rough movie about religion.


01/01/2016 - V3 of www.letempsdetruittout.net : whole new design, more immersive.

2015 [LOVE]


20/05/2015 - First screening of Gaspar Noé's LOVE 3D in Cannes Film Festival

06/05/2015 - Very first still of Gaspar Noé's LOVE

04/05/2015 - First official poster of Gaspar Noé's LOVE


​23/04/2015 - Gaspar Noé's LOVE officially selected in Cannes


04/02/2015 - Gaspar Noé's LOVE official website (Wild Bunch)  is online.



04/11/2014 - Gaspar Noé's LOVE teaser poster is online


11/10/2014 - SHOOT, a football short movie directed by Gaspar Noé, is online.


22/05/2014 - Very first visual (market pressbook) for Gaspar Noé's LOVE.

06/05/2014 - Wild Bunch announces Gaspar Noé next movie : "a sexual melodreama about a boy and a girl and another girl" called LOVE. Shooting would take place in Paris in June.


24/03/2014 - Gaspar Noé is announced among directors for a football-themed omnibus film : "Short Plays"


18/01/2014 - A website announces next Gaspar Noé's film will be shot "in the spring of 2014"



November 2013 - Gaspar Noé participates to NOÉ 3D, an exhibition in Argentina with his sister and his father.


19/10/2013 - Gaspar Noé is appearing in a remake of  Lumière's Brothers' Sortie d'Usine shot by Quentin Tarantino and Michael Cimino in Lyon (France).

October 2013 - Gaspar Noé shoots the cover for Sky Ferreira's "Night Time, My Time" album


01/05/2013 - www.letempsdetruittout.net is 10 years old!


29/01/2013 - Release of Animal Collective's videoclip"Applesauce", directed by Gaspar Noé.

04/01/2013 - Release of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds videoclip "We No Who U R" directed by Gaspar Noé


We don't have archives for 2012 yet.



21/12/2011 - On Twitter, Bret Easton Ellis talks about Gaspar Noé as the director of The Golden Suicides.


15/05/2011 - On Screendaily, Chris Hanley (Muse Production) announces Gaspar Noé is one of the directors thinking about adapting Bret Easton Ellis' script, The Golden Suicides.

01/05/2015 - LTDT is 8 years old.

May 2011 - Promo reel for 7 Days in Havana


22/03/2011 - Gaspar Noé won a Brutus for the "best" (worst) director for Enter the Void.

March 2011 - Beginning of 7 Days in Havana's shooting.


February 2011 - LTDT v.2 is online.



July 2010 - Gaspar Noé prefaces Koji Wakamatsu's Sex Jack(Blaq Out DVD box)


17/05/2010 - Gaspar Noé is in Cannes for Festival & parties.

05/05/2010 - French release of Enter the Void, more than 2 years after the beginning of the shooting.


14/04/2010 - Enter the Void's really first trailer is now available online.

03/04/2010 - Enter the Void's teaser 1 : "A Gaspar Noé Party" (striptease)


23/03/2010 - Final international poster of Enter the Void.

15/03/2010 - Japanese trailer of Enter the Void.

13/03/2010 - Two new posters (French and Japanese) for Enter the Void


28/02/2010 - Enter the Void will be present during the 34th Hong Kong Film Festival (HKIFF - 21/03 to 06/06/2010)

06/02/2010 - Enter the Void is in the line-up of the SXsW 2010 (South by Southwest Conferences & Festivals - March 12th-21st)

04/02/2010 - HIV (SIDA) Gaspar Noé's short is finally available for free on Youtube.


20/01/2010 - "IFC Films has acquired US rights to Gaspar Noé's Enter the Void ahead of its US premiere at Sundance in the Spotlight Section."

10/01/2010 - RIP Mano Solo (1963-2010)



03/12/2009 - Enter the Void is selected at Sundance Film Festival 2010.


21/11/2009 - Enter the Void is in the Official Competition Eurasia of the 13th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF)

03/11/2009 - Enter the Void is selected at the 20th Stockholm International Film Festival (18-29 November 2009 - 20th Anniversary)


16/10/2009 - Masterclass with Gaspar Noé in London

15/10/2009 - First official screening of Enter the Void in London

14/10/2009 - Gaspar Noé in Lyon (France) for Don Siegel'sInvasion of the Body Snatchers screening

08/10/2009 - First official screening of Enter the Void in Sitges.


12/09/2009 - First official screening of Enter the Void in Toronto.

07/09/2009 - Gaspar Noé & Marilyn Manson are debatting in MTV's Talk@Playground show


July 2009 - "Gaspar Noé filmed an MTV segment featuring [Marilyn] Manson and his new gal pal, adult-film actress Stoya"


22/05/2009 - First official screening of Enter the Void during Cannes Film Festival

13/05/2009 - Gaspar Noé announces his next film will be a "joyful porn movie - a joyful movie with explicit sex".

12/05/2009 - The poster of Enter the Void has been modified as the stills of the movie.

11/05/2009 - It has been announced that Enter the Voidwould be finished only one day before its screening in Cannes.

07/05/2009 - Cannes Festival's website announces Thomas Bangalter as the composer of Enter the Void.


27/04/2009 - Gaspar Noé is present (with all the French Cannes Selection) at the Ministry of Culture's dinner.

23/04/2009 - 

• 9 years after Irréversible (2002), Enter the Void(Soudain le Vide) is in Official Selection at Cannes Film Festival.

Enter the Void (Soudain le Vide) official website is online.

April 2009 - Really first interview of Gaspar Noé totally dedicated to Enter the Void (Repérages #64)


05/03/2009 - La Nuit de l'Homme TV Spot is available online.


07/02/2009 - Gaspar Noé shows 8 minutes of Enter the Voidduring the Berlin Film Festival.

February 2009 - New stills of Enter the Void available in Purple Fashion Magazine #11


January 2009 - Re-recording of Enter the Void in Paris.



06/12/2008 - Gaspar Noé is at the party Tokyo Amour du Régine

December 2008 - Gaspar Noé is at a concert of Kickback at Glazart (in Paris)


27/11/2008 - French Premiere of "8" at MK2 Bibliothèque

From 23rd to 25th - In Paris, Gaspar Noé directs Vincent Cassel in a TV Spot for the new perfume of Yves Saint Laurent, La Nuit de l'Homme.

From 5th to 12th - Enter the Void is at the AFM (American Film Market) 2008


30/10/2008 - Gaspar Noé attends the premiere of Harmony Korine's Mister Lonely.

23/10/2008 - Gaspar Noé is present at the Roma International Film Festival to present "8"


18/09/2008 - Gaspar Noé is at the premiere of Vinyan, 2nd film directed by Fabrice Du Welz

06/09/2008 - Gaspar Noé is in Tokyo during the Bernhard Wilhelm Party at the Caniche Courage Studio.

September 2008 - Gaspar Noé is back in Japan to shot some retakes of Enter the Void


26/06/2008 - Gaspar Noé is at the "Demolition Party" of the Royal Monceau.

From 10th to 21st - Gaspar Noé would have participated (with reservations) to a round table during the "Côté Court" Festival

07/06/2008 - Gaspar Noé was present as a speaker during the "First cult movies Festival" (organized by Jan Kounen)


From 14th to 25th - The first teasers of Enter the Void are showed during Cannes Film Festival.

22/05/2008 - Gaspar Noé is in Cannes during the Festival.

21/05/2008 - Preview of the exhibition "The Last 10 Shots" for which Gaspar Noé his 10 last Polaroid pictures.

17/05/2008 - Agnès B. announces  the possible participation of Gaspar Noé for her first movie, "My name is Hmmm"

16/05/2008 - (Temporary) end of the shooting of Enter the Void in Canada (so 7 months after its beginning in Japan)

10/05/2008 - The very first stills of Enter the Void, a pre-poster and a long note of intention by Gaspar Noé are published on Wild Bunch's website.

09/05/2008 - The crew of Enter the Void is still in Montréal.

03/05/2008 - IMDb maintains that Nathaniel Brown is "Oscar", the main character of Enter the Void.

01/05/2008 - Le Temps Détruit Tout is 5 years old.


23/04/2008 - Gaspar Noé and his crew are in Canada (Montréal) and shoot in studios a scene of Enter the Void, taking place in a japanese airliner.


27/02/2008 - According to a document available on the web, the shooting of Enter the Void should start again in the end of April in Canada.

18/02/2008 - Enter the Void is on IMDb.

14/02/2008 - Fabrice du Welz indirectly "announces" the participation of Benoit Debie on Enter the Void as the cinematographer : end of the shooting in Japan.

07/02/2008 - The shooting of Enter the Void would going on in Toho (Tokyo, Japan)


28/01/2008 - Irréversible, 6 years after, waiting for Enter the Void : debate with Jean Douchet in the French Film Library.



15/12/2007 - Theoretical* end of the shooting of Enter the Void (in Japan) * see 14th february 2008

14/12/2007 - The "Video Jockey" Glennwiz participate inEnter the Voidr through the use of 10 minutes of his hallucinogenic imageries.

02/12/2007 - Enter the Void gets  €500,000 from CNC/FFA


27/11/2007 - LTDT brings the news according to which the independant english agency "Curtis Brown" announces that the shooting of Enter the Void will end 15th december 2007.

23/11/2007 - A second testimony on the set of Enter the Void is published on a 2nd japanese blog

19/11/2007 - LTDT brings a news, available on the website of the agency "Des Hamilton International", according to which Paz de la Huerta would join the cast of Enter the Void.

18/11/2007 - The 2 first set pictures of Enter the Void are published on a Japanese blog.

15/11/2007 - Gaspar Noé is photographed in Tokyo while he is buying DVDs featuring among the influences of Enter the Void.

13/11/2007 - French DVD release of Destricted


24/10/2007 - Enter the Void gets €500,000 from the fund of Eurimages.

19/10/2007 - Beginning of the shooting of Enter the Voidafter about 10 years of wait.

16/10/2007 - LTDT brings the news according to which the independent agency "Curtis Brown" maintains that Olly Allexander and Sara Stockbridge are part of the cast of Enter the Void which filmmaking would start on the 19th, October in Tokyo (Japan).


03/09/2007 - LTDT brings a news, available on the website of the agency "Des Hamilton International" according to which they are currently dealing with the casting of Enter the Void.


21/08/2007 - Première (french magazine) announces the imminent shooting (early september) of Enter the Void despite a undefined casting.


26/05/2007 - Fidélité Production announces the shooting ofEnter the Void "from now until then end of the year 2007".

25/05/2007 - "8" is announced for the beginning of 2008

24/05/2007 - Gaspar Noé participates to the Wild Bunch party.

21/05/2007 - Gaspar Noé participates to the party "Don't tell my booker" by Asia Argento, during Cannes Film Festival in Nikki Beach Carlton Hotel

17/05/2007 - Variety announces the upcoming shooting of Enter the Void without giving any date. 


30/04/2007 - Gaspar Noé appears in the French show"Ce soir ou jamais" ("Tonight or Never") dedicated to pornography.

25/04/2007 - 

• Gaspar Noé is interviewed during the french show Court-Circuit (Arte)

• Gaspar Noé is in live of the bar Costes Etienne Marcel for the show Minuit/Dix

18/04/2007 - French release of "Destricted"

07/04/2007 - Gaspar Noé appears in the french show Paris Dernière (on the channel Paris Première)


23/03/2007 - Gaspar Noé participates to the french show by France Culture, "Surpris par la nuit" ("Surprised by the night").


03/02/2007 -

• L'Hebdo du Cinéma (Canal +) announces the shooting of Enter the Void. Not any date is given. 

• Gaspar Noé is in Paris, during the launch of the Diesel Fall/Winter lingerie.


01/01/2007 - In collaboration with its director, Mickael Cohen, LTDT publishes in a few parts a long interview of Rodolphe Chabrier, VFX Supervisor since Irréversible : Meeting Rodolphe Chabrier. 

Janvier 2007 - Gaspar Noé gives an interview for Dedicate and explains how his producers try to impose on him "clauses linked to censorship and final cut" on Enter the Void



08/11/2006 - 

• French DVD release of Michael Powell's Peeping Tom. Gaspar Noé participates in the bonus features.

• Gaspar Noé appears with Jean-Louis Costes in the french TV show "Ce soir ou Jamais".


October 2006 - 

• Libération reports the support of Gaspar Noé to the american director Douglas Buck.

• Gaspar Noé participates to "On Set With French Cinema 2006" and announces that the shooting of Enter the Void would start in february or march 2007.


25/09/2006 - UK release of Destricted DVDs. Note that this DVD has some technical defects.


05/08/2006 - Gaspar Noé participates to the "Séance du Spectateur" of the show by  France Inter. We'd have seen everything.


28/07/2006 -

• Frédéric Polizine and Stéphanie, webmasters of letempsdetruittout.net, shoot Oeil pour Oeil, ("An Eye for an Eye" ), a short-film inspired by Stanley Kubrick and Gaspar Noé's movies, starring Mick Gondouin, Régis Desfeux, Ludovic Berthillot, Jean-Louis Costes and Philippe Nahon and with many members from the forums.

• In an interview to the mexican newspaper Elcelsior, Gaspar Noé explains that his short-film AIDS will become a feature-film : HIV.

13/07/2006 - Jean-Philippe Tirel, in charge of the French distribution at the Pan-Européenne maintains in DVDRama that "Enter the Void will be ready within 2 years"

07/07/2006 - Gaspar Noé,  accompanied by Eva Herzigova (EVA) is at the Ritz, in Paris, during Vogue's Fashion Week.


26/05/2006 - Gaspar Noé participates to the show "Tout arrive" (Everything happens) 

24/05/2006 - 

• Gaspar Noé officially get the green light for Enter the Void

• Screening of Sida (Official Selection of Cannes Film Festival) 

22/05/2006 - Screening of Destricted during Cannes Film Festival (International Critics Week)

16/05/2006 - 

• Gaspar Noé is invited on France 4 (live). Clips from We Fuck Alone and, for the first time, of Sida.

• Gaspar Noé is invited on France 2 (live). Clips from We Fuck Alone and Sida.

13/05/2006 - Gaspar Noé, interviewed by Écran Large, talks about We Fuck AloneSidaEnter the Void and talks for the first time of www.letempsdetruittout.net

10/05/2006 - The officiel website of "8" publishes the first stills of Sida.


09/04/2006 - French porn star Katsuni mentions for the first time, during an interview for  Écran Large, her work with Gaspar Noé during the shooting of We Fuck Alone.

20/04/2006 - 

• Sida is officially selected (out of competition) during the 59th Cannes Film Festival.

• Gaspar Noé is the sponsor of the 45th International Critic Week, event during which he'll show Destricted(out of competition)

15/04/2006 - Gaspar Noé was in the Cinémathèque (Paris) during the screening of the Exorcist (William Friedkin's retrospective) with this last one.

02/04/2006 - Gaspar Noé was in Aix-en-Provence, during the preview of Stéphane Blanquet's exhibition.


12/03/2006 - Official website of Destricted publishes the very first still of We Fuck Alone 

03/03/2006 - Gaspar Noé was in Paris during the Fashion Week (Shu Qui)

March 2006 - A drawing by Gaspar Noé on movies is showed during the Parisian exhibition "Re:Re"


30/01/2006 - Le Grand Journal of Canal + shows exclusively some very short clips of We Fuck Alone broken with short appearances of  Gaspar Noé in Sundance.



21/12/2005 - Gaspar Noé is invited to the tv show  Auto/Focus. Length : 52 minutes. 


30/11/2005 -

• Gaspar Noé comment on Martin Scorsese's movies for Libération.

• Destricted, the series of pornographic short-films for which Gaspar Noé shot a short with Katsuni and Manuel Ferrara, is officially selected for Sundance (Out of Competition)


October 2005 - Gaspar Noé shoots a pornographic short-film in Los Angeles with Katsuni and Manuel Ferrara.


04/09/2005 - Gaspar Noé and Lucile Hadzihalilovic are at the 13rd edition of the Strange Festival.


26/08/2005 - Gaspar Noé meets producer Philippe Carcassonne (Ciné B, Cinéa) during a rendez-vous they had. It's www.ecranlarge.com, that indirectly announces it in an interview of Carcassonne who, denying to make a self-portrait, offered to his next rendez-vous to do it instead of him. Which was Gaspar Noé himself.

17/08/2005 - Gaspar Noé is (with Lukas Haas and Sonja Kinski) at the Lax Nightclub's Grand Opening of Los Angeles.

08/08/2005 - The day before, Virginie Despentes announces on her blog that she has to meet Gaspar Noé in New York on the 8th August


July 2005 - Gaspar Noé shoots in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) "HIV", a fictional short-film


June 2005 - Argentinian-japanese website Nikkei Argentino (www.centronikkei.org.ar) also announces the shooting of Enter the Void in Japan.


20/05/2005 - Broadcasting of the documentary "Philippe Nahon : from the favourite actor to the icon" on Ciné Cinéma Auteur.

19/05/2005 - 

• Broadasting of "Eva" (3) by Gaspar Noé starring Eva Herzigova during the Grand Journal Spécial Cannes by Canal +

• Ciné Cinéma Auteur offers the "entirety" of Gaspar Noé's movies. On the program : IrréversibleCarne,Seul contre Tous, La bouche de Jean-Pierre and "Philippe Nahon : from the favourite actor to the icon" (documentary).

17/05/2005 - Broadcasting of "Eva" (2) by Gaspar Noé with Eva Herzigova during the Grand Journal Spécial Cannes by Canal +

14/05/2005 - 

• While he is commentating the entrance of Eva Herzigova, Michel Denisot (Le Grand Journal by Canal+) announces that Gaspar Noé shot the 2nd short of Cannes series the day before (with Eva Herzigova) and that it'll be broadcasted on the 16th May during the show.

• During the TV magazine "Ciné Cinéma Info, le supplément" broadcasted on "Ciné Cinéma Premier", Gaspar Noé, during 20 minutes, talks about the airing of his movies on the channel "Auteur"  and talks again about his movie shot in Japan and in english, Enter the Void.

13/05/2005 - 

• Gaspar Noé shoots, in the evening, the 2nd short-film of Cannes series involving Eva Herzigova

• Cannes Film Festival 2005 : Gaspar Noé is at the party of Last Days by Gus Van Sant, in company with Asia Argento.

12/05/2005 - 

• Canal + website is updated : "Finally Eva Herzigovera will lend herself to the game of movies  and will be directed by a great director, Gaspar Noé (IRRÉVERSIBLE) in daily shortfilms broadcasted during the TV show."

• Broadcasting of the 1st short-films of Cannes series by Gaspar Noé : "Eva" (1)

• Airing of Tracks "Special Freaks" (Arte) : we see a few times Gaspar Noé, in different places and times. Gaspar Noé is the guest of honor of Asia Argento, the master of ceremony.

• Cannes Film Festival 2005 : Gaspar Noé and Vincent Cassel are in a party at Jane's Club.


11/05/2005 - According to the Grand Journal by Canal +, Gaspar Noé will direct not one but many "short films" starring Eva Herzigova through Cannes' fantasy. She met Noé during a few minutes and the director asked her sile questions to know at which point she could get involved. The first short film of the series should be showed on the 12th May 2005 during the Grand Journal.

08/05/2005 - The Journal du Dimanche (JDD) talks about the presence in Cannes of Eva Herzigova shot, among others, by Gaspar Noé, Abel Ferrara and Paul Verhoeven (thjanks Frenchie)

07/05/2005 - During France Inter's show, ""You listen  TV" by M-O Fogiel, Michel Denisot, talking about the content of the Grand Journal by Canal + special Cannes Film Festival, announces that Gaspar Noé, and others film directors, will direct Eva Herzigova in some mythical places of Cannes.


28/04/2005 - Allociné updated his Gaspar Noé page by adding Enter the Void as next film.

26/04/2005 - While www.dvdrama.com writes an article about  Gaspar Noé's return, www.unifrance.org announces the preparation of the next Gaspar Noé's film, Enter the Void.


29/03/2005 - Through the Rencontres Audiovisuelles of  Lille and during a Nuit du Cinéma Décalé, Sodomites et Good Boy Use Condoms are screened.

26/03/2005 - MTV screens a 52 mn doc dedicated to Daft Punk. Gaspar Noé furtively appears to evoke his meeting and collaboration with Thomas Bangalter on Irréversible.

07/03/2005 - The Argentine website La Voz del Interiorannounces than "Gaspar Noé is preparing a new movie in France titled Enter the Void (Soudain le Vide) who will be his first in English. It will be produced by Les Cinémas de la Zone and Pathé-Renn Productions"

06/03/2005 - 

• The Argentine website www.clarin.com announces than Gaspar Noé "will direct again a movie in France,Enter the Void/Soudain le Vide, who will be its first in English"

• The Argentine website La Nacion Line reports an information of the Italy agency ANSA evoking the announce of the shooting of Enter the Void. 

Mars 2005 - Gaspar Noé appears as contributor to one of the "evening-discussions" following the  of the screening of Frédéric Sojcher movie, "Cinéastes à tous prix". He shows his first short, Tintarella di Luna, and evokes his first days of director.


21/01/2005 - According to "Le Film Français" #3081 (21 jan. 2005) "spécial production 2005": In production, Enter the Voidof Gaspar Noé; Produced by Les Cinémas de la Zone, Pathé Renn Production; Shooting start : Spring 2005; Distributed by Pathé Distribution.

19/01/2005 - Lucile Hadzihalilovic is attending in "Court-Circuit" on Arte at 1h30

16/01/2005 - Lucile Hadzihalilovic is the host Michel Ciment tv show, "Projection Privée", at 22h10 on France Culture

12/01/2005 - Release of Innocence of Lucile Hadzihalilovic. Dedicated to Gaspar Noé.

10/01/2005 - France Culture website announces Lucile Hadzihalilovic will attend at Michel Ciment tv show, "Projection Privée", at 22h10



21/12/2004 - Arte broadcasts Carne at 0h25

December 2004 - Stéphane Blanquet official site reports the release of his book, "Monographie Lacrymale" (éd. de l'An 2) for early 2005. It will contains a preface of Gaspar Noé


27/11/2004 - Innocence, Lucile Hadzihalilovic film, won the Best Film Award at the International Film Festival of Stockholm.

Novembre 2004 - 

• On DVDRama.com, Vincent Cassel evokes the audio commentary of actors on Irreversible "[...] it's not released because it was not very good but it does exists.."

• "Vive le cinema" (Canal +), a documentary about the cinema since the launch of Canal +. 20 years of cinema on the fourth channel between laughter and emotions, blockbusters and art films, Hollywood and French creation: C+ brings the cinema at party. "We see Noé at the exit of  the Cannes projection of Irreversible, at the phone, and people coming out saying that this film was a shit. Noé spoke 1/2 minutes."

• Noé appears in the making of Tarnation (directed by Jonathan Caouette) broadcast on Canal +


25/10/2004 - 2nd interview of Gaspar Noé for technikart.com : this time, subject is sex : "Did Gaspar Noé wear condoms?"

13/10/2004 - Interview with Gaspar Noé for the site Technikart. "Gaspar Noé, un homme à boubou de nerfs" backs on the why and the how about tensions between Noé and the INPES. His nickname (Roberto Keller) is a tribute to the club Le Keller. Gaspar Noé evokes for the first time a short film about AIDS in Africa ("Project 8") and said that he left "ten days abroad to work on a film project."

October  - 

• Technikart (#86) features an article on 2 spots against AIDS directed by Gaspar Noe as part of the campaign of the INPES.

• Gaspar Noé appears in "Paris Dernière" "at a party located in a chapel."


26/09/2004 - Lucile Hadzihalilovic won the Award of the Best Director of the San Sebastian Festival .

25/09/2004 - Gaspar Noé appears with Jo Prestia & Mick Gondouion the Muay Thaï gala organized at Paris Zénith.

September 2004 - 

• Some words Gaspar Noé on the cinema in general in #33 of Synopsis magazine.

• In the Score magazine (new formula), Gaspar Noé evokes Batman in these words: "a vigilante phallus"

• Gaspar Noé is present at the 2004 edition of the Étrange Festival.

• In Rock Mag, Marilyn Manson says he has not worked with Gaspar Noé yet (on a clip of the project).


August 2004 - 

• The Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF), held from 20 to 28 August 2004, turns 10 and celebrates Gaspar Noé, in his presence.

• Studio Magazine (#204) announces that Gaspar Noé will be present at the Festival International du Clip au cap d'Agde.


13/07/2004 - Gaspar Noé appears in a MCM documentary devoted to sex in the videoclip world : "String, sexe & clip" (midnight broadcast)

11/07/2004 - Two 30 sec spots (homo and hetero) against AIDS directed by Gaspar Noe as part of the campaign "Summer 2004" of INPES are broadcast on French TV. Gaspar is present alongside Jo Prestia and Mick Gondouion in Muay Thai Gala held at the Zenith in Paris.

07/07/2004 - End of kiosk sale for the HS Inrocks. From this date it's officially available only by mail order via the Inrocks website

July 2004 - 

• Gaspar Noé gives an interview to the magazine Hot Video in which he mentions his desire to make a porn movie. The photoshoot accompanying the article was done in the tunnel of Irreversible

• Small interview with Gaspar Noé in "Le Journal du Hard" on Canal + about the clip for Placebo. "Noé speaks briefly of his interest in porn, and said a few words about prevention against AIDS ..."


16/06/2004 - 

• www.m-la-music.net launches one of the first HS Inrocks chronic

• The Inrocks website made the promo of the HS

• Europe website has of a special page on the clip and offers a competition to win dvd

15/06/2004 - Opening the mini site dedicated to the clip. You can see the beginning of Protect me/Protège-moi.
10/06/2004 - Indo TV (MCM) broadcast for the first time the full clip.
08/06/2004 - The Delabel forum evokes for the first time a Inrockuptibles special edition of the DVD containing clip and a magazine of 48 pages, with visual support. Scheduled for a June 16 release.
05/06/2004 - First images released for the Placebo clip Protect me during Indo TV. Gaspar Noé appears in a short report on its direction. He speaks of a "bisexual porn. The shooting lasted all night"
02/06/2004 - The webmaster of the official website of Indochine tells us that on June 5, Indo TV will broadcast just some clip video extracts but that it will be broadcast in full on June 10, after midnight.


21/05/2004 - In Variety : "In Africa, French helmer Gaspar Noé will shoot a film about the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa, and Tran Anh Hung will treat child mortality. Jan Kounen will shoot a segment about improving maternal health in Nepal while Shinya Tsukamoto will shoot a film about primary education in Japan."
The 8 directors : Gaspar Noé, Jan Kounen, Shinya Tsukamoto, Tran Anh Hung, Robert Altman, Jane Campion, Wim Wenders. The 8th will be announced soon.
Shorts should be shot & released in 2005 in a long feature titled "8". 50% of the money will be given to UN under this action concluded by 2015. Shorts will be produced by the French LDM ; Wild Bunch, co-producer & international sales. Other companies will be Dream Films (Canada), Media Screen (Switzerland), and Japanese & Australian producers.

18/05/2004 - AFP flash : 
"Humanitarian filmmakers - Robert Altman, Jan Kounen, Jane Campion, Gaspar Noé, Tran Anh Hung, Shinya Tsukamoto, Wim Wenders responded to the UN appeal for direct 8 short films (the name of the eighth director will be announced shortly ) to give a boost to the program Millennium Development Goals  (MDG), launched in September 2000 by organization Secretary General Kofi Annan. This program aims to reduce world poverty by half by 2015. These short films will be combined into one movie called "8", released in December."
14/05/2004 - www.chronicart.com announces that "[...] according to the Film Français, other filmmakers, including Gaspar Noé tipped to a film about Nepal, should participate in this series of documentaries thus inaugurated by Jan Kounen and entitled 'another reality. "
May 2004 -

• The official website of Indochine announced that the clip will be broadcast exclusively on June 5th at 20:45 on MCM during Indo TV

• MCM.net says the clip will be available on DVD in the June 2005

• Interview on "Cinecinema Info" (Ciné Cinéma). About Gaspar Noé on the reaction of people concerning the clip for Placebo.


28/04/2004 - Pressed again by us, the Delabel board administrator evokes "legal problems" to explain the total absence of information concerning the video for Placebo.
19/04/2004 - After several requests, the Delabel board administrator tells us that a website is being developed for the release of the clip of Placebo
April 2004 -

• During the tv show Bord Cadre (Cine Cinema) is mentioned for the first time, the possible availability of the clip in kiosks.

• Meeting between Jan Kounen, Gaspar Noé and Albert Dupontel on Canal +. The latter leads the show dedicated to him.


17/03/2004 - Contacted by us, John B. Root explains that the "hardcore clip" (sic) for Placebo is currently editing.

03/03/2004 - 

• According to the blog of John B. Root, Gaspar Noé has completed his casting for the clip Placebo (he offers champagne to thank JB Root)

• On his website forum, Jan Kounen evokes a 8 short films project dedicated to the 8 challenges the United Nations faces. Among the 8 directors: Gaspar Noé.

Mars 2004 - 

• In the free magazine of Virgin, Brian Molko speaks of his desire to "work with someone who was going to fuck the shit."

• During an interview with DVDMag, Brian Molko evokes a "clip both beautiful and trash", "a party that degenerates in a Parisian apartment."

• Epok speaks of Placebo clip as a "huge decadent orgy".


27/02/2004 - During the JDM of MCM Placebo evokes a "fun" clip "without SFX"
17/02/2004 - DVD release of Seul Contre Tous with Carne(Studio Canal/Universal - 2nd edition)
15/02/2004 - According John B. Root blog, yesterday (on Feb. 2004), Gaspar Noé Gaspar Noé was in his desk looking for the casting of his Placebo videoclip
11/02/2004 - During an interview for Le Soir, Vincent Cassel said Steven Soderbergh would like to produce the next Gaspar Noé movie.
February 2004 -

• Les Inrockuptibles (n°430) talks about Placebo clip and publish a comment of the band.
• In Max, Vincent Cassel says Martin Scorsese wants to produce next Gaspar Noé movie.


Janvier 2004 - Rock & Folk (#Jan 2004) announces for the first time that Gaspar Noé will shoot a video for Placebo "not showable on M6, at any time of day or night."



18/11/2003 - Gaspar Noé is attending at the premiere of "Prologue" (Douglas Buck film), at the Tribeca Film Center in New York. Among the personalities attending: Peter Straub, American horror writer Stephen King and close.


15/10/2003 - Scoot W. David from www.horrorexpress.compeddling rumors that Gaspar Noé prepares his next film and has already chosen his lead actress Tiffany Limos. "Gaspar Noé, director of the ultra-controversial IRREVERSIBLE is already scheduling his next film. He is being very coy about the details except to say that it will star Larry Clark alum, Tiffany Limos." On the other hand, it evokes another rumor, this time emanating from www.gorezone.net: the film that Noé would shoot in Japan would be co-directed and co-produced by Takashi Miike: "there's a rumor that this project might be co-directed / co-produced by Japan's Takashi Miike wild child! "


09/09/2003 -  Closure of the 11th edition of l'Étrange Festival chaired by Gaspar Noé

07/09/2003 - Étrange Festival 2003 : screening of La Bataille d'Alger (20h) in presence of Gaspar Noé

06/09/2003 -

• Between 12:00 and 13:00, Gaspar Noé is attending at a debate about the independant cinema with Neil Labute & Christine Vachon in New York organized by Tokion magazine, as part of his first conference "Creativity Now"

• Étrange Festival 2003 : screening of Defiance of Good + Sex Garage (22h15) in presence of Gaspar Noé

05/09/2003 - Étrange Festival 2003 : screening of En route vers les étoiles + Universe (18h) in presence of Gaspar Noé

03/09/2003 - Étrange Festival 2003 : screening of Elephant + Christine (20h30) in presence of Gaspar Noé

02/09/2003 - Étrange Festival 2003 : screening of Mishima (18h30) + En route vers les étoiles + Universe (20h) in presence of Gaspar Noé

01/09/2003 - Étrange Festival 2003 : screening of Elephant + Christine (18h) in presence of Gaspar Noé


31/08/2003 - Étrange Festival 2003 : screening of The last movie + The flicker (18h30) in presence of Gaspar Noé & John Philip Law

29/08/2003 - Étrange Festival 2003 : screening of Defiance of Good + Sex Garage (22h15) in presence of Gaspar Noé

28/08/2003 - Étrange Festival 2003 : screening of La Bataille d'Alger (19h30) in presence of Gaspar Noé

27/08/2003 - Opening of the 11th edition of l'Étrange Festival chaired by Gaspar Noé who has Carte Blanche


June 2003 -  In an interview in Rock & Folk and lead by Coralie Trinh Thi, Marilyn Manson talks about his meeting with Gaspar Noé and their possible collaboration to make a porn clip.


26/05/2003 -  

• Gaspar Noé goes to the opening of Harmony Korine at the Galerie du Jour Agnès b. (Paris). Agnès B, Marin Karmitz and Philippe Grandrieux are also present.

• Gaspar Noé is part of the jury of Miss Transsexual 2003

1ST MAY 2003



30/04/2003 - In an interview with the Argentine newspaper website Pagina 12 (www.pagina12web.com.ar), Gaspar Noé says his next film will Enter the Void, and that it will be a kind of LSD trip.

28/04/2003 - The Argentine www.noticine.com website reports that Gaspar Noé, while working in France, has never ruled out the possibility of returning a film in Argentina.

21/04/2003 - On its official website, Marilyn Manson recounts his arrival in Paris and especially his meeting with Gaspar Noé: "The mysterious and prurient curiosity of Gaspar Noe led me to a tour of Paris by night---we braved the transsexual-prostitute-breeding ground hidden in the center of the city. We talked about cinema (his film, “I Stand Alone” is one of my favorites) and we made plans to collaborate."

09/04/2003 - Marilyn Manson, visiting Paris, at the Pink Platinum (at David and Cathy Guetta), where he is presenting his latest video "mOBSCENE", meets Gaspar Noé he already knows.


07/03/2003 -  Release of Irréversible in USA.

03/03/2003 -  Gaspar Noé goes to the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, the American Cinematheque, to present Irreversible. Noé evokes Enter the Void during a meeting with the audience.


26/02/2003 -  On his official website, Marilyn Manson says he loves Gaspar Noé and his Seul contre Tous.

18/02/2003 - Release of the Collector DVD of Irréversible(StudioCanal)

12/02/2003 - Article in the Japan Times about the participation of Gaspar Noé and Vincent Cassel to theIrréversible press conference at the Fabrique in Shibuya (Japan).



24/11/2002 -  Gaspar Noé's Irréversible receives the award for the Best Film at the Stockholm International Festival. The jury said the film was "artistically, a category all by itself, and he managed to revive the narration in almost all its aspects"... (www.sirius-cinema.ch)


26/10/2002 -  www.monsieurcinema.com announced that "the film remained 2 months on the desktop of the British Board Of Film Classification (BBFC), who has said they consulted a psychoanalyst to judge what was the impact on the spectators of the scene the rape of Monica Bellucci's character! The BBFC wanted to censor the scene, but Gaspar Noé replied that he preferred that his film is not screened rather than being truncated. IRREVERSIBLE will be finally banned for under 18. But the office English censorship left a sword of Damocles over the film, saying it would revise its judgment at the occasion of the video release of the film. "

24/10/2002 - Gaspar Noé appears (with Catherine Breillat, Claire Denis and Bertrand Bonello) in the documentary "Enfants de Salo" available on the dvd of PP Pasolini's "Salo ou les 120 jours de Sodome"


27/08/2002 - Portrait in the show "Short circuit" on Arte. Interview with Gaspar Noé referring, in particular, to Stéphane Drouot.


15/07/2002 -  www.monsieurcinema.com announced that "the City Hall of Edinburgh and the press criticize the selection of IRREVERSIBLE to the Edinburgh Film Festival, from 14 to 28 August, renowned event which is in its 56th edition. "We must ask what kinds of tastes they try to satisfy. I don't see how there can be some artistic merit in it," said one council member. To what the festival director answers: "Edinburgh has a long tradition for showing bold cinema and our audience expects it. It would be a lack of duty not to show it."


15/06/2002 - www.monsieurcinema.com (via AFP) reports that "the Collective against rape denounced in a statement Thursday, the "extreme violence" of Gaspar Noé film IRREVERSIBLE, currently in theaters. According to this organization, the film "show the rape in a stereotypical way and returns no message with a constructive food for thought." The group said that "80% of rapes are committed by someone known" which is not the case in IRREVERSIBLE. "It is important to talk about, when we know that in France nearly 200 women are raped each day. But this film doesn't provide a realistic light on rape and attempts to trivialize it by drowning it in an atmosphere of incredible violence." it says in the press release"


25/05/2002 -  Gaspar Noé est interviewé par France Inter

24/05/2002 -

• Official screening of Irréversible during the Festival de Cannes,

• Gaspar Noé - Albert Dupontel Interview for France Inter. Noé talks about it's film project, a "120 pages script", "over-written", with "almost no dialogues" and "very visual" (Enter the Void)

22/05/2002 - Release of the Original Soutrack of  Irréversible (Label Roulé)

May 2002 -

• Exclusive screening of the trailer of Irréversible on Canal + just before the Festival de Cannes

• Gaspar Noé is the host of Tenue de soirée with  Christophe Dechavane on Canal +

• Gaspar Noé is the host of a live tv show during the Festival de Cannes on Arte directed by Michel Field


23/04/2002 - Irréversible is officially for Cannes Film Festival.

April 2002 - Screening of Irréversible to the press (Première, Ciné Live, Studio (cover) and Repérage)


March 2002 -  Screening of Irréversible for the members of the Selection Committee of Cannes.



Feb. 2002 - During a night, Gaspar Noé imagines the end ofIrréversible : a strobe. 



2002 - Short appearance of Gaspar Noé in "Comme au Cinéma" on France 2.



Novembre 2001 - 3 days of shooting are organized for retakes of Irréversible.


Octobre 2001 - 

• First cut of Irréversible completed.

• Rodolphe Chabrier (MacGuff) starts the SFX


30/08/2001 - End of the shooting of Irréversible.


27/07/2001 - www.monsieurcinema.com (via Écran Total) also announces that "Gaspar Noé is currently shooting his new feature film untitled IRREVERSIBLE. In this movie, Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel will form, like in real life, a couple. Albert Dupontel, who will acting as their best friend, and the favorite actor of the director, Philippe Nahon (the butcher from SEUL CONTRE TOUS) are also in the casting. If the script is confidential, we already know that the budget will be up to 30 millions of French francs. The shooting will last 6 weeks in the Parisian region, the movie having the particularity of being shot on Super 16"

25/07/2001 - Allociné (via Écran Total) announces that "Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel are currently shooting "Irréversible", the second feature by Gaspar Noé."

15/07/2001 - Start of the shooting of Irréversible


25/06/2001 - In an interview to indieWIRE ("Run Tykwer Run; From Lola to "The Princess and the Warrior"), Tom Tykwer, the german director of "Run Lola, run" explains that his company X-Filme Creative Pool, will produce Enter the Void. He talks about a "unbelievable and mind-blowing script".

22/06/2001 - Japanese DVD release of Seul contre tous(Canon) at Nikkatsu



13/05/2001 - X Filme Creative Pool, german production company headed by Tom Tykwer, Wolfgang Becker and Dani Levy announces the production of Enter the Void for 5 millions dollars (against 13 in 2007). Maria Koepf would supervise the project.



Octobre 2000 - Release of the japanese book "Gaspar Noé's World - From Carne to Seul contre Tous"

25/08/2000 - Japanese DVD release of Carne at Nikkatsu


20/10/1999 - French DVD release (Film Office, first edition) of Seul contre Tous (with Carne)

17/03/1999 - USA release of  Seul contre Tous.

17/02/1999 - French release Seul contre Tous


13-14/02/1998 - Gaspar Noé & Lucile Hadzihalilovic are at Yubari International Fantastic Adventure Film Festival.

1998 - 

• Sodomites is broadcasted on Canal +

• Shooting of Intoxication


12/02/1997 - Gaspar Noé participates to the "call of the 66 filmmakers" (way more numerous at the end) denouncing the law "Debré" (6 november 1996 - "various measures linked to immigration). The call has been published in both "Le Monde" and "Libération" and then in Les Inrockuptibles.

1995 - Une Expérience d'Hypnose Télévisuelle (L'Oeil du Cyclone - Canal +)

May 1991 - Gaspar Noé & Lucile Hadzihalilovic found their production company : Les Cinémas de la Zone.


1987 - Pulpe Amère

1985 - Tintarella di Luna


27th, DECEMBER, 1963 :


in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gaspar Noé as a child