SCREENED ON MAY, 22nd 2012

Gaspar Noé explained he had hesitated a long time before going to Cuba and agreeing to shoot Ritual. Admirer of I am Cuba but exasperated by tourism, he only went on the island in 2009. After 3 days of partying, he agreed to shoot a shortfilm a year and a half later : semi-improvised screenplay, ultra-reduced crew, a sensual dance and another of purification. Ritual was born.

From the omnibus film "7 Days in Havana", Ritual allowed us to discover rare footages of Gaspar Noé shooting. For instance, for Irreversible, only a few pictures had spread, since Gaspar Noé doesn't wish to show behind-the-scenes of his movies.


[ Un Certain Regard - Cannes 2012 ]