6 min.



A night in Buenos Aires, a man enters the room of his maid and tries to rape her while a radio drama describes the thoughts of a man caught in a passionate love...






Fiction - France - 1987 - 16mm - 1:37 - Color

Written, directed and edited by : GASPAR NOÉ

Cinematography : MAXIME RUIZ




I shot it in one day thanks to a friend who could have for a few hours a camera and a backdrop of bedrooms housed in a photo studio. He had recovered from the shooting of the film clip. The scenario was simple: a guy raping his maid. But from the start, I knew I would put a lot of voice over the images. I worked on it for six months. The protagonist begins to justify himself. He explains that every maids want to sleep with their boss by social mobility and that he settles to meet the needs of this woman of lower social class. Then he heard a noise, and believes that his wife is going to go out from the bathroom and surprise them. Then, he cursed the maid who will make him lose everything, his car, his house. Obviously, this character has a lot of commonalities in his psychopathology with the butcher for "Carne", even if at the end, the spectator understands that all this logorrhea came from a radio plugged into the room.

At the time, I had already met Lucile Hadzihalilovic. She was placed on the filming of "Tintarella" and I was the camera operator on his short "La Première Mort de Nono". We discovered that we shared a desire to make films atypical and we decided together to create our own society, Les Cinemas of the Zone, in order to finance our projects. Beyond all the major disadvantages of self-production, and we enjoy greater creative freedom. We produce our movies as we want without worrying if they will sell or not. Even if we pay the consequences in our daily lives." 
(Gaspar Noé)

PULPE AMÈRE © 1987 - Les Cinémas de la Zone/ Gaspar Noé


Maxime Ruiz
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