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Nicolas Cage: "I would like to work with Gaspar Noé !"

8 octobre 2013

In a French interview for Metronews, Nicolas Cage told he would love to work with Paul Thomas Anderson and Gaspar Noé.

Avec quels cinéastes aimeriez-vous travailler ? Paul Thomas Anderson est remarquable. J’ai adoré The Master. Sinon en France, Gaspar Noé ! Il a puissamment réinventé la narration avec Irréversible. C’est un super film même s’il est difficile à voir.

English translation:

With which filmmakers would you like to work? Paul Thomas Anderson is remarkable. I loved The Master. Otherwise in France, Gaspar Noe! He powerfully reinvented the narration with Irreversible. This is a great movie even if it is difficult to watch.



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