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Lux Æterna to be released in UK + North America

Nearly three years after its Cannes screening, Lux Æterna, long-awaited in english-speaking countries, will finally be released there. First, editor Arrow Videos - which had consulted us for their Climax bonus features- announced they'll release it on Blu-rays in United Kingdom (as well as a Enter the Void collector set) for May, which you can pre-order here and there for Enter the Void's Blu-ray.

Then, tonight, Variety announced that distributor Yellow Veil Pictures acquired "all North-American rights" and plans a theatrical release this spring.

"This is pure, unfiltered Noé; prepare yourself for the spectacle event of the year,” said Yellow Veil Pictures Co-Founder Joe Yanick."

For the record, Lux Æterna was selected in Tribeca Film Festival with a 67 minutes running time (instead of the 51 minutes long cut shown in Cannes) before the festival got cancelled due to the pandemic. It was most likely a cut including The Art of Filmmaking but at the moment we are unaware if Yellow Veil Pictures will release this version or the 51 minutes long cut.

[Edit, 11:47 PM : On their website, Yellow Veil Pictures announces a 53 minutes running time]



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