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Gaspar Noé directs SebastiAN's Love in Motion

6 février 2012

"We made the music video for SebastiAN's "Love in Motion". SebastiAN is a French electronic artist on Ed Banger Records. The video was directed by Gaspar Noé." (source)

SebastiAn (born Sebastian Akchoté in Boulogne, France) is a French actor, DJ, and musician affiliated with Ed Banger Records. Musically, he has worked as a solo electronic musician, as a producer for artists Kavinsky and label-mate Uffie, as a film-music composer, and as a remix artist for musicians and bands such as Daft Punk, Kelis, and Klaxons. (source)

Gaspar Noé and Mike Ryan on set (source)

"GREYSHACK FILMS is a development and production company committed to creative, thought-provoking, energetic new cinema designed within a low-budget model. Company president Mike S. Ryan is a veteran member of the independent film community who started out in the industry’s 1990’s heyday with films like Ang Lee’s The Ice Storm and Todd Haynes’ Far From Heaven. As a producer, he has been responsible for a remarkable group of films in the last five years, most made for under $3 million." (source)

Lente Tresor* on Music Video Love in Motion of SebastIAN from Director Gaspar Noe

and Executive Producer Greyshack Films Mike R. Ryan (source)

* Born in The Netherlands, actress, model and singer LenteTresor started singing,

modeling and acting at age 6. (source : (source)

LenteTresor with Director Gaspar Noe

and Executive Producer Mike R. Ryan of Greyshack Films

“Love in Motion” directed by Gaspar Noé and choreographed by Celia Rowlson-Hall

("a New York based filmmaker, choreographer and Bessie Award winning performer") (source)

From the set of "Love in Motion" (source)



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