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Gaspar Noé about "Love": "a love story seen from a sexual POV"

9 mai 2014

Some details about "LOVE" appeared in a conversation between Matthew Barney & Gaspar Noé for BOMB:

Gaspar Noé: I’ve been slowly preparing my next movie, which is a very sentimental erotic film. So I’m meeting kids—girls and boys—and I will continue for quite some time. In the end it will be a very, very naturalistic love story, even if the style is not going to be naturalistic. It will be a love story seen from a sexual point of view. Matthew Barney: Is it a coming-of-age story? How young are the kids? GN: No, I get bored by coming-of-age stories because they make a big deal out of something that is finally not so big. Mostly, the real passion comes after that, when boys and girls are nineteen or twenty and want to try everything and get lost in all the temptations. MB: Is it a New York-based story? GN: No, it’s based in Paris. But the main character is going to be an American, Canadian, or British film student, so I can see the story from his point of view and then add a voice-over in English to the character. It will be a kind of international movie but shot in France. [...]

GN: It is going to be very artificial but in more of a Godardian direction. It’s going to contain a lot of words—maybe because my last film was very visual. The next one is also going to be almost silent as its scenes are being filmed, but during the editing I will add a lot of text-over and voice-over. It’s going to be a more brainiac exercise, I guess.



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