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2003-2013: Happy Birthday, LTDT Gaspar Noé Database !

1 mai 2013

May, 1st 2003 - May, 1st 2013.

To celebrate this 10th anniversary, we offer you a video specially made for by Chris Carle (turn off the lights and watch it fullscreen):

"Ten years?Congratulations!

Our favourite source for any little GN data is getting ten years old! It was a last-minute idea of Fréd and me to create a little clip to celebrate this great day, which we hope you enjoy. Ive been a constant fan of Mr. Noé and this site for a long time now; It’s amazing to see the how much work and passion was put into this site to share the collection of one of the biggest living (underground) artists on this planet, every time I type in the URL. I hope that we’ll keep hearing and seeing a lot of new stuff in the future and celebrate another birthday pretty soon." Chris



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