If the project was sent to Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci under the title Danger before it became Irréversible, Gaspar Noé foresaw as soon as the early 1990's to make "a sexual psycho-social drama; the story of an affair between two lost people which ends bad" that Dario Argento offered to produce after he saw Carne.

LOVE is the most filled with cultural references Gaspar Noé's movie ! Impossible to list them all. Gaspar Noé makes an appearance. Of course, viewers had already saw him masturbating in Irreversible or selling drugs in Enter the Void. But in Love, he even has a satirical supporting role  (made-up, he wears glasses and wig) which was destined for Costes, the fistman from… Irreversible !

In May 2014, during the Marché du Film (Film Market), a few visual aids were released in order to find producers and distributors. At that time, the shooting had not started and the actors weren't casted yet. However, Laurent Luffroy, the poster designer, kept one of those visual aids to design the final poster. It means that there aren't any actor on the final poster! Only an alternative poster (with Murphy and Electra in their bath) actually shows actors.


[ Out of Competition - Cannes 2015 ]


[ Benoit Debie - Camerimage 2015 ]