Arielle is a french singer whom videoclip "Si mince" ("So thin") have been directed by Gaspar Noé.

Who is Arielle ?


I wonder something...



When and how did you know Gaspar ?


By Pierre Buffin from BUF (A french VFX company) 



Did you know his work and why did you chose him to make the videoclip of "Si mince" ?


I had watched Carne and I Stand Alone and I was looking for a radical and unique universe, so I thought of Gaspar.



Could you tell us the filming of this videoclip ?


Next question!



How and from who came the thematic of the model and of the camera going through the set in every way ?


From Gaspar only. It wasn't a teamwork. There is Gaspar and the rest of the world...



What was the main contribution from Gaspar to your universe ?


I was especially interested into the 3D in relation to my dreamlike universe. Another way to bring field and depth. The contribution from Gaspar to my universe... The Argentinian is tenacious!


This acid mood, appearing far from the universe of Gaspar's movies, turns little by little to the obsessionnal (obsession of weight, physique, camera and set movements more and more complex)... What are yours? 


I gobble up a lot and I had to be careful on the set for not having a fat tummy (2 days without eating). From anger, at the end of the filming, I nearly smashed his face...


Do you plan something with Gaspar ?


Eat together...


Thanks to Arielle Burgelin.