Frederic Polizine was born in 1977 in Marseille (France). In the 90s, because he's a fan of Stephen King's books, he discovered Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. It was a total revelation. Kubrick became his favorite film director, his Master. Later, Kubrick's death caused sadness in him. In the middle of the 90s, he directed some shorts (Drop of Water, Innommable...), wrote some scripts (Trois Etudes pour une Crucifixion...), but his first real short was directed in 2005, shot in video and in only one day, without script and without money: Indigeste. This period (the X-Files golden years) was also the moment he met Stephanie Himpe, his love. In 2003, with Stephanie, he created the first non-official website totally dedicated to the French director Gaspar Noé. Some non-professional shorts and music videos (Imagine, Star Naze, Promises...) followed. In 2006, Stephanie and Frederic met Gaspar Noe during Cannes Film Festival and Frederic directed Oeil pour Oeil (An Eye for an Eye, produced by Stephanie Himpe and OverlOOk Films) with Mick Gondouin (Irreversible), Ludovic Berthillot (36), Regis Desfeux (Gratte-papier) and the French performer Jean-Louis Costes (Irreversible). 


Alexis Veille was born in 1996 in Sète (France). He quickly moved to Mâcon (South-Burgundy) where he grew up. As a child, he felt in love with the Harry Potter saga and when it came to the end, he wanted to direct his very first shortfilm based on JK Rowling's universe. He was 12. A few years later, he had given up on a few shortfilms and finally completed his very first short at age 14. He discovered A Clockwork Orange the same year and felt that cinema was way more than just entertainment. He worked on a few other shortfilms or music videos as a director (Clavem; Istah : S.A.S.R) or as a  cinematographer. He was amazed by Irréversible when he discovered it in 2013. At the same moment, he discovered Le Temps Détruit Tout that reminded him a fan-site dedicated to Harry Potter he used to visit everyday as a pre-teen. In May 2015, while he was studying movies in Lyon, he joined the Facebook page as an admin and eventually ended to become co-admin of the website. He is since then in charge of the design and is currently a freelance videographer and graphic designer. You can see the work he've done for the 15th Anniversary of LTDT right here.





• I've made a great [screenplay, music, video...] and I'd like to send it to him for feedback.

We're not an official representative of Gaspar Noé, therefore we can't help you in this request.

• How can I work for Gaspar Noé ?

We're not an official representative of Gaspar Noé, therefore we can't help you in this request.

• I'd like to make an interview with him [for my website, blog, newspaper, essay...] 

If Gaspar Noé is about to release a movie, the best way is to reach the press agent (which is written on the pressbook of the said movie). If the promotion of the movie has stopped, we unfortunately won't be able to help you.

• I'm organising (or I'd like to) an event [screening, public masterclass...], how can I invite him ?

If he has just released a movie, or is about to, we advise you to get in touch with the distributor or the press agent. 

• [Title of the movie] was released in my country but isn't available at all on DVD or Blu-Ray, only on digital. How can I purchase a physical copy?

A few people asked us this question about Love which wasn't released in US on DVD or Blu-Ray. First, try to get in touch with the distributor to get details about their plans. If they're not planning on releasing a physical copy, the most legal way is to import it from another country. In the case of Love, we advised to get a copy from Japan as it has the same region of USA.

• Can I have more details about Gaspar Noé's next project?

We only publish official details of movies already attached to a production company and when we are very sure of our source. After leaking the plot of Climax while thinking it was authorized (it was first published on the TaxShelter, a belgian bank who produced the movie), we committed to make sure we're allowed to share the news (in the case it's not already spreading on the web). Therefore, if we sometimes might have some short details about his next movie, we won't give them until allowed.

If the project has been officially announced, we'll do our best to answer your questions.

• I'd like to find some specific archives linked to Gaspar Noé, can you help me ?

It will highly depends on the archives you're looking for, but we'll do our best to help you.